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Traveling uphill

When I was a teenager growing up in Ireland, I had a bicycle, and believe me I went just about everywhere. Why I even cycled from the capital city of Dublin where I lived to Kells, County Meath, in the summer where my grandfather had a sprawling farm. And as I relayed to you in another article quite recently, myself and a schoolmate went on a trip throughout southern Ireland on our bicycles.

Now travelling on a level road, or better still, going downhill was a breeze; however, travelling uphill on a bike was tough work, believe me, as there are lots of hills and mountains in certain parts of Ireland. However, in order to finish the journey, one has to negotiate these hills no matter how steep they are.

Well, my friend, what I have relayed to you so far in this article is an analogy for life itself, and in particular for becoming and remaining successful. You see, as we all travel the road of life, we will encounter times when we’re travelling on a level surface, a level playing field, as we so often say. At other times, when everything is going real well in our life, we could liken it to travelling effortlessly downhill, as we coast from one accomplishment to another, from the achievement of one goal to another. However, it is inevitable that we will all encounter some very difficult times in life as nothing seems to be working out as actually planned. It is at precisely times like these that our life can become, as today’s title puts it, travelling uphill. For we have to stand up and use all of our energy, foresight and inner strength in order to keep going in order to solve the problem and thus finally get to the top of the hill, figuratively speaking, when we can cruise again along the road of life towards the desired target success city.

Yes indeed, travelling uphill is tough work — however, it’s part of the journey as life never ever runs smoothly for too long, believe me. Problems are inevitable from time to time as we travel the road of life everyday getting a bit nearer to the desired target, success city, as we overcome great obstacles and start to travel uphill, against the tide, so to speak, going forever forward until we finally reach our destination and are successful.

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