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Women charged with defrauding church

Three women who work in the food service industry are accused of defrauding a church of thousands of dollars.

Shawnta Adderley, a server at Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken; Shandera Knowles and Nikia Anderson-Sands, both cooks at Atlantis, yesterday appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney accused of fraudulently obtaining $7,000 that belonged to Message of Hope Seventh Day Adventist Church on December 21, 2018.

They faced charges of conspiracy to commit fraud by false pretenses, fraud by false pretenses and possession of a forged check drawn on the church’s account.

Adderley alone is accused of presenting the forged check to the bank.

They denied the charges and were remanded to prison.

Anderson-Sands alone is charged with defrauding the same church of $6,000 on November 1 by cashing a forged check.

Prosecutors say Anderson-Sands and another conspired to commit the fraud by false pretenses. She is accused of possession of a forged check in the amount of $6,000 and acquisition of the proceeds of criminal conduct.

Anderson-Sands also denied those charges.

McKinney set trial for all matters for April 8.

Inspector Philip Davis prosecuted.

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