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Morality and public policy

A basic understanding of right and wrong is essential in a society where people expect to be treated with respect and dignity. It should be clear that one cannot use the building blocks of indecency to build a society where decency and respect for others are desired.

Nothing that has the power to create or empower addictions should be allowed in civilized societies, but “educated” countries don’t seem to understand that. All vices have a negative impact on the humanity and morality of a community, but too often the human impact is ignored in lieu of the benefits public or private entities can gain. Hasn’t the recent legalization of a vice in this country proven this point?

There are strip clubs in The Bahamas. I personally do not know where any of them are, since I do not move in those circles, but the recent raid of such a club shows that there is a demand for such entertainment. But if demand is the only prerequisite to supply a thing, where do we draw the line? There are those who are of the view that strip clubs should not be illegal since it is a private transaction between adults in a private space. I have a different view since all actions have consequences, seen and unforeseen. Unlike a faucet, the human mind and its desires cannot be turned on and off at will. Once an appetite is developed for something illicit, the desire to have that thing may be difficult to control and consequently something that starts in private spaces can eventually trickle into the home, work place or public policy.

A person’s character is a culmination of the decisions he or she makes. Values that shape a persons character like honesty, integrity, loyalty, decency and respect for others are generally admirable and desirable, but it is these same values that are diminished and eventually lost in this so-called “private transaction” between adults. The perverted and ignoble among us do not become that overnight. The large number of single-parent homes, men fathering children irresponsibly, domestic violence, rape, etc. are evidence that most adults cannot be trusted to make the most basic of decisions concerning their lives or families.

God’s intention was that sexual arousal and pleasure would occur within the confines of marriage. Just think of all the moral and social issues that would cease to exist if people followed that one rule. Doing so would strengthen intimacy between the marriage partners, the family and ultimately society at large. In fact, intimacy, trust and exclusivity are cornerstones of mature adult relationships. A sexual pleasure, on-demand culture destroys these most essential components of a relationship and by extension, communities.

When women are viewed as body parts performing services for money, it should be obvious that a man’s respect for women will not increase; rather, quite the opposite must occur. As a natural consequence, these dancing daughters, sisters, mothers and even wives are subjected to a wide range of different abuses that occur if they are dancing or not. Viewing specific body parts for pleasure degrades the woman’s person-hood. The fact that these are somebody’s daughters, sisters, mothers or wives does not even enter the equation. Naturally, this objectification may cause some men to become dissatisfied with their partners “inadequate” parts, despite the other intangible assets she may have. At the same time, women who desire so-called gender equality shoot their arguments in the foot by performing these acts.

In my travels, I have found that so-called first world countries are moral cesspools, which can use their greater wealth, industry and policies to mask and normalize the immoral conduct of the citizenry. But we cannot overlook the growing problems with pornography and sexual addiction and the negative impact they are having on families and communities around the world. People simply do not become more respectable, decent and self controlled by going down the rabbit hole of on-demand sexual gratification, quite the opposite.

Abortion, gender confusion, same-sex relationships, gender reassignment procedures, pronoun confusion, profound self absorption, depression and a host of other ills are the natural consequence of the erroneous belief that adults know best when it comes to their lifestyle decisions. Adulthood comes with responsibilities. Self control is one of them. There are many things I have a right to do but choose not to do. It is foolish to encourage actions and behaviors that do not make individuals or communities better or stronger, while complaining about the protean manifestations of moral degradation that abounds.

Ultimately we have to decide the kind of society we want to hand to our children and the “monkey see, monkey do” philosophy might not be the best model to follow. Men cannot be trusted to determine right and wrong, when their base desires or greed is in the driver’s seat, for they will do that which will give them the greatest pleasure or benefit without concern for the consequences. It is for this reason I believe the moral guidance the Bible gives is beneficial to those who will adhere to its wisdom; for only fools despise wisdom.

– JB

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