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Four more murders

F our people were murdered in separate incidents on New Providence over the weekend, police reported.

The most recent took place at Potter’s Cay Dock last night. Police said a man was shot, but details were sketchy.

The first weekend murder took place on Saturday morning in a Haitian shantytown off Cowpen Road, police said.

The other two occurred yesterday morning, about an hour apart.

Police said a man was sitting in front of a business on Balfour Avenue and Washington Street around 9 a.m. when he was approached by a gunman.

Police said the gunman shot the man multiple times before getting into a silver car and speeding away. The victim was taken to hospital where he died.

Around 10 a.m., police said, another man was murdered just two streets away, on the corner of Miami Street and Robinson Road.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said the victim was at Ever Fresh Water when he was shot multiple times by a gunman wearing a dark hooded jacket.

The trunk of the victim’s car was left open with empty five-gallon water bottles inside. There were two additional bottles near his body.

Cash said that it was too early to say whether these two incidents are connected.

Asked if any of the victims were known to police, Cash said, “It’s too early in the investigation to say.

“But what I would want to say is that in recent times we identified that there were several shooting incidents in this area and the police [have] doubled its efforts with a view of preventing any further acts of violence or death in this community,” he said.

Regarding the shantytown incident, police said a party was taking place around 1 a.m. when two armed men crept out of nearby bushes and shot at the crowd.

Two men were injured. One died at the scene and the other was transported to hospital, where he was listed in serious condition.

These incidents bring the murder count to 10 for the year.

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