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The day my life changed

I guess that when most of my valued readers initially read the title of today’s article, the day my life changed, they’ll be interested to know exactly what it’s about, what totally changed my life. Well, let me not keep you in suspense any longer. The year was 1968 and I was living in the beautiful Nassau, Bahamas where I still reside today. I flew to Chicago to meet with principles of The Nightingale Conant Corporation whose chairman was Earl Nightingale known affectionately as “the dean of personal motivation” and “the world’s most listened to radio personality” with his daily radio feature “Our Changing World”. On that day I took out a distributorship for Earl’s wonderful motivational programs which were on cassettes and flew back to Nassau. Over the next few weeks, I sold some $67,000 worth of these motivational programs in Nassau, which was a record among the 4,000 distributors worldwide of the Earl Nightingale programs.

I was invited to come back to Chicago to give a talk at a training seminar for new distributors which would be recorded and sent out to some 4,000 Nightingale distributors worldwide. Believe me when I tell you, I was extremely nervous, I had a deep fear of speaking in public as I had never done it before. Anyway, to cut a long story short I flew to Chicago, gave my talk at the seminar and returned to Nassau.

About four weeks later, Ron Davis the vice president for the International Division of the Nightingale-Conant Corporation invited me to attend and speak at a distributor recruitment seminar in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ron played a recording of my talk in Chicago and I said it sounded quite good. Then Ron said “Paul, you don’t realize how good you are.” That was the day my life changed as I realized for the first time in my life that I had a talent for speaking in public and my career took off in a whole new direction as I became very successful at my craft.

You see, before I gave that talk in Chicago I had very low self-esteem and a deep fear of speaking in public. However, when I heard myself on that tape and Ron Davis made me realize the talent that I had, my career took off in a whole new direction. Please my friend, do your best in life to likewise motivate as many people as you possibly can by making them aware of how talented they are, as we all are incidentally. We have the power to raise peoples’ self-esteem and motivate them to become successful. Let us do this at every opportunity possible.

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