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Look in the mirror

do know from a whole lot of observation of incidentally myself as well of others around the globe, that when something goes drastically wrong in our life, the very first inclination is to look for someone else, or a set of circumstances upon which we can blame our failure. I believe that most people would agree with that scenario unless of course that person is in a constant state of denial, which a whole lot of people unfortunately are, and of course that’s unfortunate for them. That’s right, when you are not prepared to accept full responsibility for all of your mistakes in life, your repeated failures – believe me, you’re in deep trouble – yes, you are. You see we simply must accept full responsibility for everything that happens to us in all aspects of our life – personal, professional, financial, social and spiritual. Blaming others and circumstance for our failure is for losers and most inappropriate for those who wish to consistently win in life and be successful across the board. Yes, my friend blaming others and circumstance for our failure in life is for perpetual losers.

When anything goes wrong in our individual life we need to do as I have written about before, some deep introspection. We need to take an in-depth look at our life in all of its facets, to ascertain what exactly we’re doing wrong which caused us to fail in the first place. Or, to put it as the title of today’s article puts it, we need to take a long, hard, look in the mirror as the late Michael Jackson used to sing about – yes, indeed we do. You see, the easy way out of any unsatisfactory situation is to blame someone or something else. But the facts are that we our self, caused everything that happened to us, good or bad by our own, thoughts, words and actions.

Yes, my friend, if you wish to continually succeed in life, across the board, well then, you must start to fully accept responsibility for all aspects of your life. Blaming others and circumstance is quite definitely for losers and not for anyone who wishes to live the good life. So in conclusion, stop the perpetual blaming, look in the mirror, and accept full responsibility for all aspects of your life – the good and the bad, because in the end you caused it – yes, you did.

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