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Senior officer expects increased crime fear after murder spree

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander said yesterday the spate of crime over the weekend will increase public fear of crime and send shockwaves throughout the community.

Police reported four murders over the weekend.

The most recent was that of a man who was killed shortly after 8 p.m. at Potter’s Cay Dock on Sunday.

Police said the victim was approached by a man with a gun who shot him before running away.

Fernander said, “It will send fear. When you find an incident happens almost back to back within a community, it will send shockwaves within the community, and that’s why we are going to try to limit that fear with continued presence as I indicated earlier.”

He said police need to have consistent community presence, response times and followups with victims “in order to reduce the fear of crime out there”.

Fernander said the public should “absolutely” be concerned by such “a bold event” taking place in a public space.

“Well that is a concern when you see an individual could go into a crowd and just shoot an individual several times,” he said.

“Anybody who was right in the vicinity could’ve been injured or killed; that is a concern there. That is very bold. That is very bold for an individual to go into a crowd and just fire a shot. You know, a lot of people go out to Potter’s Cay…You know, maybe even [you] go out to get a conch salad or something to drink. It’s very bold and that is a concern for us.”

Fernander added: “…A public event like that where any of us could’ve been out there with family members and that happened…Bahamians should be able to go anywhere and enjoy themselves without being a victim in these matters.”

While police were following significant leads for the murders that took place over the weekend, Fernander said there were no arrests.

He said, “I feel that within a short order we should be bringing a number of individuals before the courts.”

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