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Failure is a part of life

Now I am quite sure, that a whole lot of people may not like the actual title of today’s’ article ‘Failure Is A Part Of Life’. Those people will say something like this “D. Paul I want to focus totally on being successful in life and therefore do not ever wish to hear the word failure” – understood! Now in a way you are absolutely correct in your thinking, when you set your goals, which as we all know only too well is the first stepping stone, so to speak on the road to success; we stay totally focused on these goals, believing in an extremely positive way that we will in fact achieve these goals and thus become successful. However, it’s almost inevitable, that every now and then we will fail temporarily as we pursue our goals.

Now the really important point which I want to get over to you my valued readers here today is this. When you occasionally fail at something, it’s not the end of the World, after all Edison failed it is said ten thousand times in his efforts to perfect the electric light bulb, but he didn’t quit, he kept going until he was successful; you My Friend, need to do the same. Incidentally, Edison put it like this relative to his failures; he said “I didn’t fail, I just learned ten thousand ways in which it would not work” – now that’s the way in which to put a positive spin on even our failures.

Yes indeed, although when we set our goals we are totally positive that we will in fact achieve them on target; if and when we temporarily fail, we learn the lesson the failure was meant to teach us, regroup and continue on in a positive frame of mind until we eventually achieve the goal and become successful.

Yes indeed, as the title of this article proclaims it ‘Failure is a Part of Life’ – yes it is. Actually, so often we learn some of our greatest lessons from our failures – yes we do! So always remain focused on your goals and be positive. However, when you occasionally fail; learn the important lesson the temporary failure was meant to teach you and then set out even more determined and positive to eventually reach the highest peak, and you will succeed – yes you will!

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