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Firm reports 100% increase in Bahamas Carnival Cruise business

Bahamas Carnival continues to pay dividends for local companies, with Blue Monkey Bahamas seeing a 100 percent increase in its cruise passengers coming to Nassau in May specifically for the annual carnival.

Principal of Blue Monkey Stephan Rolle said interest in Bahamas Carnival, and especially Bahamas Carnival Cruise, which is put on by Blue Monkey, has grown exponentially over the four years it has been in operation. This year will be the fifth for Bahamas Carnival, which is now etched into the global carnival calendar.

Rolle said his cruise passengers on average spend about three times more than the average cruise passenger, as they sink their money into a carnival costume, ground transportation, entertainment and food and beverage.

“Our numbers have grown exponentially over the years and interest has spread across the U.S., Caribbean and Europe,” Rolle said.

According to him, Bahamas Carnival Cruise has attracted travelers from across the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and even the West Coast.

Rolle’s guests at the

moment would fill around 13 percent of Carnival Cruise Lines’ passenger capacity aboard the Carnival Victory.

Several carnival bands have already launched their costumes, but Polantra Media, which held the anchor concert last year featuring Machel Montano, has yet to make an announcement about its 2019 plans.

Nevertheless, Carnival bands are preparing themselves for the road and also reaping the dividends of Bahamas Carnival.

Rolle said 30 percent of his cruise passengers are repeat guests.

“That speaks volumes about the success, popularity and hospitality of the cruise and to the growing interest in Bahamas Carnival,” said Rolle.

Bahamas Carnival Cruise passenger Christina Silva from Palm Bay, Florida, said the cruise experience has brought her closer to other Caribbean people and afforded her new friends.

“Two years ago I had the opportunity to experience Bahamas Carnival with some great friends and made some wonderful new ones along the way,” she said.

“So I’m coming for round two and I’ve heard from many carnival vets that the cruise is where the real vibes are! Plus they got some of my favorite deejays, Ivan Anthony and DJ RGM.”

Philecia Rajnauth, from Brooklyn, New York, added: “This experience brought me close to a lot of different Caribbean islands. I gained a whole heap of new friends to travel with and I am now introducing my family and friends. Cruising, to me, I enjoy, because it’s a one-stop shop: food, drinks, entertainment and gambling.”

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