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Police canvass Potter’s Cay in wake of killing

Police took to Potter’s Cay Dock yesterday for a walkabout after a Sunday night murder left some vendors shaken up.

A man was shot and killed by a lone gunman on Sunday night while at Tall Boy Conch Stall, located at the foot of Potter’s Cay Dock, police reported.

The walkabout yesterday was a joint effort by the National Crime Prevention Office and the Urban Renewal Commission to promote conflict resolution, police said. Officers spoke to locals and tourists, handing out pamphlets with information and safety tips.

Roosevelt Wright, owner of the Blue Hole, a stand on the dock, had concerns about the dock’s reputation after the incident.

“Things like that will give the place a bad name because it would scare people away from coming out to enjoy themselves,” he said.

“With guys running around with guns and just shooting in the crowd like that, it’s a possibility anybody can get hit…”

Wright said he respects the efforts of the police.

“It’s real good when they do walkabouts. That’s a good thing.

“At least if a criminal or a criminally-minded person has something in their mind, they might think twice about it.”

Another vendor, Rodney “Bones” Brown, owner of Bones’ Conch Stand, had a different opinion.

He laughed when asked about the walkabout.

“I will tell you the truth: Police need to be here at nighttime,” he said.

“Especially on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays.

“Walking around in the daytime will make no difference.

“They have to be walking around.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander told The Nassau Guardian the public should “absolutely” be concerned by such “a bold event” taking place in a public space.

He said police are following significant leads and he is confident that the person responsible will be brought before the courts soon.

However, no arrests have so far been made.

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