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Brother remembers man killed in Fox Hill

The bedridden 87-year-old mother of the country’s most recent murder victim may die without learning her son was killed.

Police said a man was shot and killed in Fox Hill on Tuesday night.

He was discovered in a vacant lot shortly after 8 p.m. after a group of people was seen running away from the area, according to police reports.

While declining to release the identity of the victim, police confirmed that he was known to them.

Family and friends of the victim identified him as Richard Fowler, 46.

Tyrone Fowler, 63, a former financier and the brother of the victim, said he is unable to find the heart to break the news of his brother’s death to their mother.

“Let me tell you, she’s bedridden and she doesn’t know that she lost a son because I don’t think it’s something you would mention to her at this stage, because in her condition it’s not prudent to bring that to her attention,” Fowler said.

He said his brother, who was the second youngest of nine children, left behind three children of his own with the youngest being five-years-old.

While describing Richard Fowler as a ‘hellraiser’,

Tyrone Fowler said his younger brother was a compassionate man.

“He likes to raise a little bit of hell sometimes but I never followed whether he got into problems or such,” he said.

“I never followed that, never followed that aspect of his life. I know he had a strong sense of affection for people. But I know like any one of us, we get upset at times and you kind of express yourself a bit.”

When asked if he was close with his brother, Fowler said, “To say that close or not close, we had a pretty reasonable relationship and that’s the extent of it.”

Tuesday’s incident brings the murder count to 11 for the year.

The murder count was 12 last year this time.


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