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The PLP has got a very Brave problem

Dear Editor,

Not one of the Thursday, February 14 editions of The Nassau Guardian, The Tribune or The Punch featured on their front pages the official opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) walking out of Parliament during a session on February 13, in protest against the Free National Movement (FNM) government. This is the second time that Davis and co. did this.

The PLP’s self-imposed boycott of the House of Assembly should have been front-page news, under normal circumstances, considering the fact that the oldest political party in The Bahamas currently holds the all-important position of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. As the leader of the PLP, Philip Brave Davis has got to endear himself to the Bahamian electorate. They must view him as an attractive alternative to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. Ever since his uneventful elevation to the PLP leadership post, Davis has failed to resonate with the masses. Davis is tasked with convincing the masses that his PLP has been rebranded. I believe former PLP Leader Perry Christie dealt Davis a bad hand. The latter has inherited a very bad situation. Thursdays are considered ‘Dead People Day’ in The Bahamas, due to the The Nassau Guardian and The Tribune printing the obituaries. That is the day most newspaper consumers purchase the dailies. They want to see who has died. Had the PLP’s latest publicity stunt made the front pages, that would have given most readers the impression that Davis and his three PLP parliamentarians are relevant. Many would have read what they had done.

But it’s becoming obvious that the PLP, under Davis’ leadership, is not even considered front page news in this country. It was just recently that Davis and the PLP walked out of Parliament, and few people noticed. And many of those who did, didn’t even care. I have also noticed that Davis is hardly on any of the front pages. And when he does manage to make it on the front pages, he’s not even the lead story, unlike Minnis, when he was opposition leader. What this all boils down to is Davis’ inability to resonate with the electorate. In order to rectify this, Davis must surgically remove from the PLP anyone and anything remotely attached to the name Perry Gladstone Christie. Davis has got to push the reset button. The PLP is urgently in need of a thorough purging. The party urgently needs attractive new faces unconnected to Christie and the old guards of the party. I give Davis a window of two years to fix the SS PLP. If this is not done, rank-and-file PLPs anxious to get back into government will then surmise that the party has got a very Brave problem on its hands.

— Kevin Evans

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