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Boy, 3, kidnapped then dropped off unharmed

A three-year-old boy riding his bicycle in front of his family’s South Beach home was kidnapped by two women in a silver car on Saturday evening, police said.

The child was dropped off at a wash house on Joe Farrington Road and Fox Hill Road shortly after 7 a.m. yesterday.

Police said yesterday no one was being held in connection with the kidnapping of Shavard Bain Jr.

Shavard’s grandmother, Sherry Albury, expressed relief when she spoke to The Nassau Guardian outside the Central Detective Unit (CDU).

“On Saturday, as I said, we always let them go in the back to play on their bikes, the whole neighborhood,” Albury said.

“They were playing and their daddy was doing some chores for the neighbors.

“He came to the front of the house to get something cold to drink and the children ran and said, ‘They’re taking Shavard.’

“His brother was trying to pull him out [of the car] but the ladies, they were too strong; he only got one slipper.

“I’m happy the children got a good description and they were able to tell us and the police that it was a silver car with two girls in it.

“And the one who pulled Shavard looked like she was bleaching out.”

Albury said she was thankful for the help the family received after the kidnapping, adding that just about the entire neighborhood assisted in the search.

She said social media played a large part in the search efforts as well.

Photos posted to Facebook alerting the public of the missing boy accumulated over 5,000 shares.

Albury also thanked the police, although she didn’t agree with the way the situation was handled.

“My son, who is the child’s father, he had some information,” Albury said.

Nassau Guardian Staff Reporter Rachel Knowles (left) speaks with Shavard Bain Sr. about the abduction of his son on Saturday evening. TORRELL GLINTON

“He willingly went with them and through all the chaos, I realized that he didn’t come home.

“Then I learned that they had locked him up.”

Shavard’s uncle, Renado Dawkins, a corrections officer, was upset with police.

“My biggest thing was, he not only cooperated, he told them some things that happened the night before and he took them along with him to who he thought might have tried to take his son,” Dawkins said.

Dawkins mentioned text messages reportedly sent to Shavard’s father by someone threatening him.

“They went ahead and took him into custody and we were basically told that they wanted to take his statement and he would be brought back home,” Dawkins said.

“After about two to three hours we didn’t see him.

“So we came back here at CDU and they told us that we couldn’t see him.

“And we asked exactly what was going on.

“They told us that we couldn’t see him.

“So my whole thing was, is he arrested?

“And why is the father of the missing child arrested?”

Dawkins claimed police told him the boy’s father was not under arrest but they were taking all precautions.

However, Dawkins said while he was speaking to an officer, the father walked out handcuffed to another man.

“I asked, ‘What is this? If he’s not arrested then why is he handcuffed?’,” said Dawkins, adding that Shavard’s father claimed police put his head in a fish bag.

Dawkins said at that, he “lost it”.

Shavard Bain Sr. was released from CDU while reporters were speaking to his relatives.

“They put two bags on me,” he said, his voice cracking as he spoke.

“They put two ziplock bags over my head and two guys sat on my chest and started slapping me and punching me.”

Asked how he feels about what transpired, he said, “I feel alright. I just want to see him right now and hold him.”

Police said the boy’s father was “detained for questioning”.


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