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Letters | Garbage in, garbage out!

Dear Editor,

We have had no garbage collection in our neighborhood for more than two weeks now, forcing me to transport stinking, maggot-encrusted bags of refuse to a public dumpster in my own vehicle.

When contacted, the Ministry of Environmental Health told me that the contract for collection had been taken away from the company Impac, who up to this time had been doing an excellent job, and given to another company on the orders of a high-ranking politician. If this is true, we have yet another prime example of the thought — or should that be “thoughtless” — process of our politicians. ‘It’s working so let’s fix it!’

It would also seem that, despite lip service to the contrary, the culture of meddling and influence-peddling, with its attendant cronyism and graft, is still thriving under our latest batch of politicos, and some of them appear to have forgotten the reasons that led to the defeat of their predecessors and to their own election.

I would just like to remind them that the continuation of the status quo was not what we voted for; three more years is not a long time and some of our memories are not as short as they think. Garbage in, garbage out!

— Ian Mabon


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