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Shared working space company opening a new location

Incudesk, the shared working space company that has taken the small business sector by storm, is opening a new location in about two months to further serve a growing customer pool.

In only nine months, Incudesk has outgrown its 12-office Chesapeake Road location, where all of the offices are spoken for by small business owners looking for an affordable work and office space with all the trimmings.

The company was started by William Bastian, Incudesk president, and Ericka Wilson, Incudesk vice president, who are small business owners themselves.

“We built every aspect from the ground up, combining both our knowledge of being entrepreneurs and starting companies,” said Wilson.

“We wanted to build something for entrepreneurs to thrive, to get into business and sustain their business. We wanted to give more than was expected.”

Bastian said when Incudesk first opened, through word of mouth only, the office space began to fill up.

The shared working space offers spaces for professionals like tailors and freight forwarders, but also features a membership option where entrepreneurs can rent boardrooms, meeting spaces and even a vehicle. IBM even has a space at Incudesk.

“We grabbed their attention with the creative way we designed the space, to be comfortable and invoke creativity; then we explained what we were and how we brought a lot of attention to the co-working space and what the company is,” said Wilson.

Wilson and Bastian have automated all of Incudesk’s services through their custom-built website. On the website, people can become members and sign up for any of the services offered by Incudesk, without ever speaking to a person.

Bastian said by opening Incudesk it was revealed to him that there are a lot more people in The Bahamas trying to start small businesses than he previously thought.

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