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Davis: I do not support corruption

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis told a crowd of supporters last night that he does not support corruption in any form.

“Friends, let me say something about the issue of corruption,” he said during a joint PLP branch meeting

“I’m not here to defend anyone, ever, who takes money from the Bahamian people.

“As far as I’m concerned, if you take a dollar from the public treasury, you’re taking it from our kids, from our hospitals, from our future.

“So you show me evidence of corruption, I stand ready to condemn you, no matter your party, but you can’t skip over the evidence part.

“An accusation isn’t the same thing as proof, no matter how loudly you make it.

“I remind you that when FNM Fred Ramsey was prosecuted for bribery, for a $300,000 bribe in connection with a BEC contract, there was plenty of evidence, enough to get him convicted.

“But what we have going on now is something entirely different.

“This government decided they needed a PLP scalp to hold up. They didn’t have any evidence of any wrongdoing but they weren’t going to let that get in their way.”

His comments came after former Urban Renewal Deputy Director Michelle Reckley was charged with defrauding the government of $1.2 million.

When Reckley was charged last week, Davis led the PLP in a boycott of Parliament over the Minnis administration’s attack on democracy and “persecution” of PLP supporters.

Former PLP Senator and Public Hospitals Authority Chairman Frank Smith was recently acquitted of charges of extortion and bribery. 

Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt in her ruling said there was not a scintilla of evidence to support the charges.

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