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Men face murder charges

Four men were charged yesterday in connection with a murder spree that took place from February 9 to 10.

Ricardo Mitchell, 25, of Carmichael Road, and Keno McKenzie, 20, of Miami Street, were charged with the February 10th murders of Daniel Sterling and Ferdinand Agenor, which took place in the Englerston community.

Mario Brown, 28, of Kemp Road, was charged with the murder of Jamaal Kemp, who was shot and killed while at a stall at Potter’s Cay Dock on February 10.

Brown’s lawyer, Krysta Mason-Smith, claimed that surveillance footage provided him with an alibi and called on investigators to view the video.

Mason-Smith said, “If [the video] shows that he was at a completely different location, he shouldn’t be before the court.”

Walleck Medurerk, 33, of Homestead Street, was charged with the murder of Presentus Exavier during an armed robbery at a party in a Haitian shantytown off Cowpen Road on February 9.

Medurerk is also accused of the attempted murder of Sidney St. Armond, who was robbed of a cell phone and wallet during the incident.

The men were not required to enter pleas to the charges when they made their initial court appearance before Magistrate Kara Turnquest-Deveaux and were denied bail.

Their cases will be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court for trial in April.

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