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Mother says kidnapping left boy traumatized 

The young boy snatched on Saturday reportedly by two women in a silver car told his family he was fed McDonald’s and hit by one of the kidnappers, his mother said yesterday.

Dwaynira Thurston said she was left horrified after her child was taken off his bicycle near his South Beach home on Saturday without his family’s consent.

Thurston told The Nassau Guardian that her son was traumatized by what happened.

“He said that the lady, when she grabbed him and he was in the car, he said she [hit] him with his slippers across the legs, telling him to go to sleep,” Thurston said.

“He said the lady told him to go to sleep two times.

“He said when he woke up the lady bought him McDonald’s and he said that he passed this house.

“He said that he passed our house, saying he wanted to go to his mommy and his daddy.”

Police said the women dropped the three-year-old boy off at a wash house on Joe Farrington Road and Fox Hill Road shortly after 7 a.m. on Sunday.

After the kidnapping, police took the boy’s father, Shavard Bain, into custody for questioning. Bain alleged that police beat him.

Thurston demanded an apology from police.

“We need an apology please,” she said.

“That’s all I’m asking for, an apology. I’m not asking for [anything] else but an apology because they are trying to bring shame on my family and it isn’t right. It isn’t right.”

Police said last night they still had no one in custody in relation to the kidnapping.

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