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Overcoming failure elates

Now as all of my regular readers will indeed be well aware of, Time To Think deals with the important subject of success and how to become and indeed remain successful, across the board. “So how come today you are dealing with the subject of failure?” you may say. Well, it’s a part of life, like it or not. As I put it in another article quite recently, you win some, you lose some – yes, indeed we do. So, failure from time to time is an integral part of life, so we better learn how to deal with it when we encounter it.

Incidentally here’s what the late President George Herbert Bush said about the subject as relayed at his funeral by his grandson; he said “Failure is a part of life, but never allow yourself to be defeated by it.” What excellent advice there from the president who only served one term. So, failure is something which we will all experience every now and then, however we must not allow it to defeat us as it’s just a temporary part of our life – for we can and indeed must turn all of our failures in to brilliant success, which we can provided we retain our PMA (positive mental attitude) and do not allow ourself to become negative and despondent when we temporarily fail at something.

And the thing is, that when we fail, which we will from time to time, we do not let it define us, but just treat it as a normal but temporary part of our journey on the road to success. We will experience a very special feeling of elation. Yes, indeed as today’s title puts it, overcoming failure elates – yes indeed it does, for it brings out the very best in us, it tests us to make sure that we will not give in to our temporary failure.

Yes, my friend, I personally have failed in life many times, across the board; however, when I failed I never quit pursuing my objectives. Actually, when I failed, firstly I would go within to spend some quiet time in meditation with the Creator. Then I would grit my teeth and make up my mind to turn my temporary failure into great success, and believe me it always works. When you start to succeed again, you’ll experience a kind of elation which is hard to describe – yes, you will.

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