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Govt inspecting commercial boats on Family Islands

The government has started inspecting commercial boats throughout the Family Islands, Minister of Transport and Local Government Renward Wells said yesterday.

Wells was asked about the implementation of regulations to the commercial boating industry in the wake of a fatal explosion of a Four C’s Adventures boat last June, when one woman was killed and several others were injured.

“We established a port body that is still going through the requisite Family Islands very systematically and looking at all of the boats that are engaged in the commercial industry and our tourism industry to ensure that they’re actually meeting the requisite requirements to be licensed in those industries,” he said.

Wells said the inspections are to ensure that all boats “comport with the requisite specs to be used in the commercial industry”.

A report into the tragedy found that the Four C’s vessel was not registered with the Port Department, was never inspected, was not constructed up to standard and the fuel fill hose did not meet the specification for its intended use.

The report recommended that the Port Authority enforce the commercial watercraft laws; consider amending the current act to require all self-built boats to undergo a survey, and ensure all necessary resources are available to all port departments in order to regulate the recreational water sports industry.

The owner of the tour company and the captain of that ill-fated vessel were later charged with one count of manslaughter by negligence and nine counts of causing harm by negligence in a magistrate’s court.

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