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Teenager killed during confrontation with police had BB gun, court told

teenager killed during a confrontation with police in 2012 was armed with a BB gun, a coroner’s inquest heard yesterday.

Willis Wallace,19, died after he was shot by a policeman responding to reports of an armed robbery in progress.

While responding, police saw two men with a hostage, according to the evidence. Wallace was fatally shot during the pursuit, and another man, Ricardo Davis, was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

Police recovered stolen jewelry from Wallace’s pocket after he was shot near Columbus Primary. They also recovered a weapon from his side.

Firearms examiner Charles Bain received the officer’s 9mm pistol and the gun recovered from Wallace.

He said the 9mm gun fired a spent cartridge recovered from Wallace’s body during the autopsy. Bain said he did not compare the other cartridges recovered from the scene.

As for the second gun, he said, “It’s a BB gun. It’s a toy.”

However, Bain said the pellets from a BB gun could cause injury and that it would be impossible to determine that it was not a real gun without examining it.

Last month, forensic pathologist Caryn Sands said that Wallace died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds to the torso and right arm.

Sands said she observed seven gunshot wounds, but surmised that one bullet could have caused two injuries.

She said none of the injuries was at close range.

According to Sands, some of the bullets injured the lung, spleen and caused spillage of abdominal and intestinal contents.

Sands said two of those gunshots entered from the back, but in response to a question from attorney Kelsie Munroe, she said it was possible to be facing someone and get shot in the back.

Anishka Missick is marshaling the evidence.

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