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Wesley Thompson to be consecrated bishop-elect

When Wesley Thompson is consecrated bishop-elect next week, the title he said will serve to remind him that he’s a servant and of servanthood.

“What this means is God is holding me responsible to help people in a much bigger way. The title is to remind me that I’m a servant and has nothing to do with self-elevation,” said Thompson, the third pastor at Mt. Pleasant Green Baptist Church International at East Street and Quakoo Street.

Speaking up on Thompson’s behalf before the College of Bishops that is comprised of bishops from different denominations, to support Thompson’s elevation to bishop-elect Tuesday, February 19, were his wife Marsha Thompson, as well as members of his church and community.

They spoke to Thompson’s integrity in his 34 years as pastor and to the fact that he can take care of his household well, is blameless and has great integrity and reputation within his house, and outside in the community as well.

“Someone in the church had to talk about my integrity. Someone from the community had to talk about my integrity, and my wife had to talk about my integrity,” he said.

Thompson had to pass an exam and was held up to scrutiny by the College of Bishops members of which Bishop Walter Hanchell is the chief consecrator.

Thompson’s final step to bishop-elect takes place during a service at Salem Union Baptist Church on Tuesday, February 26, at 7:30 p.m.

As a bishop, Thompson said the title denotes he is not a novice and that he will be responsible for training more men and women of God to come into ministry and taking the gospel into the community.

“I have about 18 ministers under me with different ministries, and I’m more like a superintendent to them. I have a dynamic outreach that deals with the poor, the sick, food and clothing called Desert Storm.”

Presently he is finalizing a holistic program to address and cater to the needs of inner-city youth.

Thompson, an educator by profession, studied theology at Bahamas Baptist Bible Institute, and received a diploma of theology/pastoral care. He has also worked in the court system, and in education as a teacher and guidance counsellor.


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