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CBA and PO8 to offer blockchain training courses

PO8 and the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance (CBA) are helping 25 aspiring blockchain developers to enter the “growing billion-dollar industry” through free training courses and internship opportunities in The Bahamas.

Both PO8 and CBA have been making waves lately in the tech industry locally. Now the announcement of a three-month coding bootcamp, final exam and 48-hour hackathon, all supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), are further commitments by both to being forerunners in the industry.

In a statement, CBA founder Stefen Deleveaux said that blockchain developers are in high demand, as the industry is rapidly expanding.

“One of our goals is to build multiple cohorts of blockchain developers, given we see blockchain technology being the foundation of much of the software infrastructure in the future, and developer education will definitely open up opportunities for high-paying, high-skilled jobs,” Deleveaux said.

The release said PO8 will offer a six-month internship program for all successful students.

“[They] will continue to hone their skills in blockchain development and have the opportunity to gain real-life work experience in an array of projects ranging from PO8’s upcoming reward-based Skullys digital collectibles game, to tokenizing recovered underwater artifacts,” the release said.

PO8 CEO Matthew Arnett said his company is focused on “creating social and economic impact for The Bahamas and the Caribbean”.

“We salute and align ourselves with the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance for their dedication to making our blockchain space bigger and stronger,” he said.

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