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D’Aguilar: PLP boycott reprehensible

Minister of Tourism and Aviation Dionisio D’Aguilar said the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) boycott of Parliament is “reprehensible”.

Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is boycotting the Senate and House of Assembly over the “judicial condemnation” of two Cabinet ministers in the Frank Smith extortion and bribery trial.

D’Aguilar told The Nassau Guardian, “They have a job to do. They have to represent their constituents so, you know, when we are discussing the people’s business, they need to get in the House and do the people’s work.

“That’s what they were elected to do and the fact that they walked out of Parliament and haven’t been there for two sessions now – I think two or three sessions – it’s just reprehensible. They need to get in Parliament and do what they were elected to do. That’s our position.”

He added: “…And so, despite what you may think about what the government is doing, Parliament is the mechanism that is in place for you, as the elected official, to represent your constituents. Go to Parliament and do your job. That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Earlier this month, a shouting match erupted between government and opposition members in the House of Assembly, resulting in the opposition walking out.

The row ensued after opposition leader Philip Brave Davis attempted to castigate the Minnis administration following the arrests of former Urban Renewal Deputy Director Michelle Reckley and three other people.

Shortly after walking out of Parliament, the PLP held a press conference at the party’s headquarters where Davis announced “with no pleasure” that the party’s MPs will “boycott the House of Assembly for a period in protest”.

“We will not rest until tyrannical attitudes and practices are forever vanquished from this society,” he said.

On Wednesday, Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister expressed his disappointment with the PLP for its boycott.

“They’ve irresponsibly and voluntarily absented themselves and there’s no excuse for that dereliction of duty,” Bannister said while addressing the House.

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