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Global Sun targets IT automation

Global Sun is changing the way Information Technology (IT) projects are being carried out in The Bahamas, while innovating certain processes that have not been done in The Bahamas, the company’s Chief Executive Officer James Clarke told Guardian Business recently.

Clarke said his company carries out project management in IT in a way that adheres to industry best practices. He said while IT projects are carried out daily, many of them are not managed properly from start to finish. He added that there has also been little accountability from the companies that have carried out projects for the public sector.

According to Clarke, his company focuses on automation of a lot of the management process.

“Our service delivery aspect is slightly different, but the methodology and approach from holistic standpoint, is the same,” Clarke said. “You could automate a process, but if that process is flawed, all you’re doing it automating a problem.”

He explained that accountability is a fundamental problem in the IT world in The Bahamas that Global Sun is solving. He said the public sector requires much more quality assurance than is currently being done.

Global Sun also offers IT consultancy services and provided engineering services for the government’s Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) program. Their services allowed connectivity of the government’s offices and agencies across The Bahamas that now only requires dialing an extension instead of a seven-digit phone number.

Clarke explained that his company has been instrumental in getting Cable Bahamas and Bahamas Telecommunications Company Internet services to a level of connectivity in the government’s data center, so that existing telephone numbers can now be routed through the government’s call center and onto the government’s VOIP.

He said other businesses can use the same kinds of applications to allow them to make calls island-to-island or country-to-country through extensions, and utilize integrated video calling through an app on their phones as well.

Clarke revealed that his company is looking at expanding its services to the U.S. and Middle East.

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