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Helping others is where it’s at!

My friend, if you are a regular reader of Time To Think, you will be fully aware of the fact, that I repeatedly state that life is all about service to others. That’s right, the Creator put us on this earth and fully equipped us with an abundance of special and unique talents with which to succeed, beyond our wildest dreams. However, once we have discovered our God-given talents and then developed, polished and refined them, we need to daily give them away in the service of our brothers and sisters in God’s one universal family. Yes indeed, life is all about service to our fellow men and of course women too.

Once you fully comprehend what I espouse in these articles which is the universal law of cause and effect, you will be aware of the fact that, as the title of today’s article quite correctly puts it, helping others is where it’s at – yes it is, and the more we help others and assist them in their daily quest to be successful, to reach the top of the mountain, we too will succeed at all that we undertake in life; not incidentally because I said so, but because the law of cause and effect, God’s law states so.

Yes, my friend, if you set out in life to knock yourself out in the service of others, your brothers and sisters in God’s one universal family, you will indeed succeed beyond your wildest dreams – yes, you will. So please get this concept into your consciousness and you’ll have a great life.

Todays’ title, although it may actually annoy some misinformed people, is excellent advice for all who wish to excel in life and thus live a contented, happy, carefree and indeed very successful life, across the board. So, upon arising each and every morning, when saying your morning prayers, simply ask the Creator to show you how you can be of service to your brothers and sisters and you’ll have a great day and by extension a great life.

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