Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Always do what’s right

Now if I were to ask you the following question, Do you want to get ahead in life, do you wish to be outstandingly successful? I can guarantee that the answer will be a very loud yes. There’s no doubt about it whatsoever, just about every single soul who inhabits Planet Earth has an innate desire to succeed in life, across the board, yes, they do. Now that’s good, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with that. However, I’m quite sure, that during your lifetime someone will offer you a so-called easy way in which to make it in life, but my friend, when that happens, I suggest that you better run a mile, that is of course if you wish to stay on the straight and narrow as we say and of course stay out of the penitentiary.

Yes, my friend, the advice given to all of my most valued readers here today to always do what’s right as opposed to doing what’s convenient or tempting is very important advice, believe me. You see I can just about guarantee that at some point in your life, someone will approach you with some ridiculous scheme which they will insist will make you an overnight success with lots and lots of money into the bargain. My friend, let me assure you, that there’s no such thing as an overnight success – no there is not. As one person put it “I was an overnight success, it only took 20 years.” Now he got it right. He really did.

Let me remind everyone here today, as that well-known saying puts it, the road to success is paved with good intentions, and a whole lot of heartache -yes, it is. There’s only one way in which to succeed whilst also having peace of mind, contentment and a clear conscience, and that’s to set goals, and with discipline and dedication, work real hard to achieve them in a set timeframe.

Yes, my friend, please, I implore you, as today’s title puts it, always do what’s right, and never fall for some get rich scheme which will make you a so-called overnight success because in reality, there is no such thing. I’ve been inside prison facilitating seminars for inmates and believe me, it’s not anywhere you’d like to end up. So, set goals, work real hard and as today’s title puts it, always do what’s right and you’ll make it – yes, you will.

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