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BPL going paperless

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) stands to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational costs once it goes paperless next month, according to BPL Director of Public Relations Quincy Parker.

The power company recently launched its “Less Paper, More Green” campaign, which seeks to have customers register to receive their bills online via email.

“There is a monthly cost in the tens of thousands of dollars for the production and dissemination of paper bills. By eliminating that cost we are increasing the company’s fiscal efficiency,” Parker said in an interview with Guardian Business.

“We would be able to redirect what amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars elsewhere in the company so that we can improve things like operational efficiency and some of the other expenditures that are necessary.”

Then there’s also the environmental benefit of transitioning to paperless, which Parker said is equally important to BPL.

“Given that we are a utility for an island nation like The Bahamas, where our environment is the most precious of our resources, aside from our people, it is important to us that we are as environmentally responsible as can be. That’s why we’ve named the campaign ‘Less Paper, More Green,’” he said.

As of April 1, BPL will cease to distribute paper bills.

As an incentive to get customers to sign up, BPL intends to award four people on New Providence and four people on the Family Islands $500 BPL bucks, which can be applied to their accounts.

“So, if their bill is under $500, they can pay it off and have a credit with the balance. The paperless starts April 1, so as of April 1 there will be no more paper bills. For a period of six months thereafter we will accommodate people who absolutely insist on paper bills, but at a nominal fee,” Parker said.

“Hopefully after that six months we would have weaned our customers away from having a paper bill. Of course, for seniors and customers who require special considerations we will be happy to accommodate them as needed.”

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