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Freedom has obligations

I guess that everyone who’s fortunate to live in a country where its citizens are completely free, in other words in a modern day democracy, are indeed most fortunate and should be thankful to the Creator to have this privilege. After all, there are still some countries in the world where their citizens are really not free to do as they like without suffering dire consequences. This applies particularly in some Muslim countries. So, it’s good to have freedom where one lives in a country like America, Canada, The Bahamas and the United Kingdom. However, I’m here today to remind every one of my valued readers, that if you are fortunate enough like me to live in a country where you have freedom, particularly freedom of speech, as the title of this particular article simply and succinctly puts it, freedom has obligations. Yes indeed it most certainly does.

And what are some of these obligations, you may query? Well number one, I believe that one has an obligation to thank the Creator for your good fortune to have been born into, live and make your living in a totally free and open society, and that you thank the Creator for that wonderful privilege upon arising each and every morning.

Next on my list of obligations for your freedom, is to not just take what you can get from your country, but to make sure that you give back to the country which allows you the freedom to live in peace whilst making a good living, thus being able to take care of your family in the way that you’d like to. Yes indeed, as today’s title puts it, freedom has obligations – yes, it has.

So be sure to give thanks each and every day for the privilege you have been granted by living in a free and open society where real freedom is the order of the day, and thus being most grateful for this privilege, you make absolutely sure, that you give back to your country by making a worthwhile contribution to it and its people. Don’t forget, freedom is both a right and a privilege.

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