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Responding to critics on Guardian Talk Radio

Last week, I understand from several listeners of a Guardian Talk Radio show in the morning that I was being ‘taken to task’, as one puts it!

Apparently, I was being vilified for my column of February 8, where I wrote about starting out and building your home with as little help from the bank as possible.

One of my suggestions was that when you move into your home, resist the urge of splurging or getting financing to purchase new furniture and drapes in particular.

I suggested instead of purchasing those expensive drapes, why not consider covering your windows with sheets or newspapers until you are in a position to purchase them, in addition to seeking out used furniture where lots of deals can be found, such as when persons are trading up and getting rid of their existing furniture.

These comments drew the wrath of the talk shows.

I stand by my comments 100 percent. As in truth, it is what most people with some common sense would do, but then common sense is not very common with some folks.

The idea is very simple: When you don’t have the money to purchase what you want, take baby steps and just buy the most important things you need. Why go into debt to buy that expensive furniture or car because these financial institutions would lend you the money, especially if your employer allows these financial institutions or department stores to deduct money from your pay check and the payments are taken out of your salary even before you can get your hands on your pay?

I have known some persons who, after salary deductions, end up having less than $100 to last until the next day.

Where is the sense in this? I would rather put sheets on my windows and buy used furniture than have my light and water disconnected due to lack of funds.

Most of us starting out in life had to go through this. There is no sin in being poor, but to be irresponsible on spending money that you don’t have is just plain nonsense! The end result includes no school fees, money, gas or food on the table. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do.

We tend to live in this microwave society where we want it all now, and to hell when it comes time to pay up.

My suggestions that I wrote are from my own personal experience. It is not from a novel I read or something I imagined. It is real life, and the sooner we learn to live within our means, the better we can provide for our loved ones.

We tend to envy the tourists who come to our shores on vacation, spending their hard-earned money that they have saved up.

We truly need to stop trying to emulate them. They are hard-working people, just like you and I, and chances are some may be in so much debt that they are using one credit card to pay off the next one.

This is a domino effect, and one day the cards will tumble and you will eventually have to pay the piper.

In closing, much like the poem written by Thomas Gray in 1742: “Where ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise.”

I guess much hasn’t changed.

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