Thursday, Jun 4, 2020
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PLP still has ties to cut

Dear Editor,

The performance of the official opposition is sorely lacking. I cannot help but wonder how the stalwart councillors and party advisors do not see what an obstacle Philip Brave Davis is to the aspirations of the PLP to reclaim the government in the next election. I also have great difficulty understanding how a man so self-absorbed and lacking in charisma, and so linked to the last PLP administration, can think he is the best choice to move this country forward.

It is clear the PLP and its leadership council cannot understand the importance of severing all ties with the former Christie administration, its spokespersons and its scandals. It is clear they are living in their own world where they mistakenly believe their truth is shared by the masses. This may well be an example that should be studied by medical experts to better understand group delusions. It is difficult to imagine the PLP becoming the next government of The Bahamas with any of the old guard of the PLP at its helm.

Simply put, most voters do not share the delusions of the PLP or its current leadership. Bahamians have had more than enough of them!

— JB


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