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PLPs meet disclosure deadline

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell said yesterday all PLP MPs met the March 1 public disclosure deadline.

There are four PLPs represented in the House of Assembly.

“All PLP parliamentarians have complied with the provisions of the Public Disclosure Act 1976 by filing the executed Form A,” Mitchell said in a statement.

The Public Disclosure Act mandates members of Parliament, senators, senior public officers and public appointees to declare their assets, income and liabilities as of December 31 of each year.

The act empowers both the prime minister and the leader of the opposition to “authorize the furnishing of any information furnished to him by the [Public Disclosure] Commission to the attorney general or the commissioner of police”.

It provides for a $10,000 fine or imprisonment of a term not exceeding two years, or both, for anyone who violates it.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Halson Moultrie urged members of Parliament to meet the deadline.

“Now, we are also at another critical stage at this time,” Moultrie said.

“As a former meteorologist, when hurricanes approach, you have an alert. Then you have a hurricane watch, and then a hurricane warning.

“We are at the warning stage now, so you have approximately 48 hours to complete the declaration.”

It is unclear how many parliamentarians from the governing side have met the deadline.

Exumas and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper and Elizabeth MP Dr. Duane Sands posted their disclosure receipts on their Facebook pages on Friday.

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