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Dames assures police brutality allegations taken seriously

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said yesterday that every allegation of police brutality is taken seriously and asserted that police are not against prosecuting their own.

“My thing is, we’ve always been taking it seriously and we will continue to do so,” Dames said in an interview with The Nassau Guardian.

“There is a mechanism in place to investigate police brutality.

“And I get regular updates from the commissioner as well as the deputy commissioner of police, who has responsibility for discipline and complaints.

“Is the system perfect? No it isn’t, you know, but it works.

“And so, when people… feel that they have a legitimate complaint to make, there is an avenue whereby they can go and launch that complaint.

“At the end of each period, these complaints are all looked at to determine what would have taken place in terms of attention and investigations.

“The commissioner and I continue to have conversations around these because we’re all concerned about allegations…”

Dames added that police are working toward increased transparency.

“… There have been numerous cases where police officers would have been dealt with… internally and where police officers would have been put before the courts,” he said.

“So the police are not afraid to prosecute their own.

“There is evidence of that — that this is happening.

“There have also been cases where people have falsely made complaints against police officers because of whatever reason, okay.

“And so, we have to take all of this into consideration.

“But we are concerned about every single complaint that is made.

“We have to obviously ensure that we continue to, through the police force, take every effort to ensure that there is a greater degree of transparency so that the public will have a good idea or indication as to how their matters are progressing.”

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