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Never forget your manners

One thing which I really can’t stand are hypocrites, phonies of any kind, the kind of people who act in a certain manner – being on their best behavior and extremely mannerly whilst interacting with one group of people whom they consider to be upper class and then behaving in a disgusting completely unmannerly fashion when they’re with those whom they feel are lower class. My philosophy is to treat everyone, every single person in the same manner with no distinctions; after all, they’re all children of God and therefore members of his one universal family. So, in effect everyone is our brother or sister and should therefore be treated with dignity and good manners as you interact with them for any reason. Yes indeed, as the title of todays’ article simply and succinctly puts it, never forget your manners – no never, even if you are dealing with a beggar on the street.

I guess thank God I learnt this behavior spending time on my grandfather’s farm in Kells, County Meath, in Ireland during the summer vacation. At harvest time, or when bringing in the hay from the fields to the big barn to feed many animals during the winter months, many, many extra workers would be employed. Now most of these workers would be quite poor – however my grandfather and uncles always, I mean always with no exceptions, treated all of the workers equally with courtesy and respect.

So, you could say, that I grew up always having manners when dealing with all people. I am so glad to have had this experience at a young age and thus learnt an extremely important lesson and that is to never forget your manners. Right up to the present time, I am always – I mean always, courteous and mannerly to all. You, my friend, need to do the same.

Yes, my friend, just because you come from a good family, one who thankfully are quite rich, never ever forget, that we’re all part of God’s one universal family. So, treat everyone like family. Treat them always in the way in which you’d like others to treat you, and believe me, you’ll get your just rewards in due course. Yes indeed, it’s good to humble ourselves from time to time with not only family members but with everyone.

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