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Upgrades to GB hospital to be completed by summer

The roughly $3.5 million renovation of Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama is slated to be completed by the summer, Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands said recently.

The renovation follows a fire that occurred at the hospital in July 2017 and led to more than 60 patients being evacuated.

The fire started in a pressure cooker in the hospital’s kitchen, according to officials.

In a recent interview, Sands told The Nassau Guardian, “We have been constructing a brand-new, state-of-the-art kitchen cafeteria area for dietary consultation then the connecting corridor to lead to the main hospital.

“We would’ve passed a brand-new, state-of-the-art 64 Slice CT scanner, which means that the Rand Memorial Hospital has one of the best CT scanners in the region.

“It is a commitment that we have made. It is an almost-$3.5 million investment in healthcare in Grand Bahama and more to come. A lot of this construction which has been conceived was stalled at the beginning of, or middle of, 2017.”

He added: “So while I’ve heard the very, very optimistic timeline of April, certainly I believe that by summer of 2019 the people of Grand Bahama, the people of Freeport should benefit from the brand-new kitchen facilities and cafeteria here at the Rand.”

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest, who is also the East Grand Bahama MP, expressed gratitude for the upgrades to the hospital.

“We would like to thank the Ministry of Health for the efforts that are being put in here,” he said.

“We know that in Grand Bahama there’s a shortage of beds; there’s a shortage of services, and what we see today is certainly going to auger well for the delivery of healthcare in Grand Bahama and the Northern Bahamas.”

Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in New Providence is also expected to receive major upgrades.

A $7 million redevelopment of the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) at PMH will take place commencing in April 2019, according to Sands.

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