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Man says attempted murder charge was the result of an accident

A man accused of attempted murder offered a defense yesterday when he was called on to provide an alibi.

Magistrate Samuel McKinney read Jarvin Green, 36, of Irish Spring Court, a notice of alibi when he was committed to stand trial for the December 29, 2018 attempted murder of Anthony Lightfoot.

Green told the magistrate: “I really can’t lie and say that I wasn’t there — it was an accident.”

Green claimed that he had “blacked out” while driving his van and struck Lightfoot, whom he claimed was now “walking strong”.

Green, on the other hand, is in a wheelchair.

He claimed that he sustained his injuries as a result of the impact of the crash, and a beating allegedly inflicted by civilians and the police.

Green alleged that numerous requests to see a doctor had been ignored.

He then accused the policeman brother of his alleged victim of directing officers to charge him.

The brother, who was in court, disputed this.

Green then refused to sign a document signifying that he had been advised of his alibi, and then threw the prosecution’s witness statements on the ground.

He shouted, “This is skullduggery. I don’t want no part of this.”

As he was being wheeled out of court, Green pointed at the officer and told him that God would judge him.

Green will be arraigned before Justice Bernard Turner on the attempted murder charge of March 29.

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