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Rosé Society to debut popsicle line

Rosé Society, which launched its signature boozy popsicle line on Abaco last year, is set to debut its products on New Providence at the end of the month, according to Dawn Demeritte, owner of Rosé Society.

The launch, scheduled for March 31, is an exclusive brunch-inspired event.

“The Rosé Society is a small batch, handcrafted, Rosé inspired treats business,” Demeritte explained.

“We specialize in yummy treats. Right now, we are focusing on our signature popsicle line with three main flavors which are: Rasé Rosé (raspberry), Guasé (guava mint) and Fraise Sé (Strawberry).

“The aim of this event and every other is to introduce the general public to Rosé wine, its lifestyle and more importantly the brand.

“We’re trying to not only give people a new way to enjoy Rosé wine, but also introduce them to the idea that drinking Rosé is actually a lifestyle. Most people think that Rosé is just red and white wine mixed together, which it isn’t. It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and we intend to introduce all of that. But first, we will be focusing on our signature popsicle line.

“As the year progresses, we will be offering a few more flavors that will certainly give the products an exciting twist. We will also be launching a lot more of our Rosé-inspired treats this year at various events.”

Demeritte first launched her business last October on Abaco.

“We wanted persons to have a feel for our pops, so we partnered with a few restaurants and offered them as an incentive as well as mini pop-ups, which were all free but a way to get feedback on our products and to get persons familiar with the brand,” she said.

Demeritte, who makes the pops herself, is simultaneously preparing for an even bigger event, scheduled for later this year.

“Well, National Rosé Day is the second Saturday in June so we are preparing something huge for that,” she continued. “We’ve also committed to a number of exclusive events later this year.”

Rosé Society currently employs four people, but Demeritte said as the line grows, so will the number of employees.

The March launch event, which is the first of its kind for the brand, is invite-only and the location will be revealed 24 hours before the event. Participating vendors include The Food & Culture Co, Hai Cha Bubble Tea, Papa’s Taqueria, Mojibros, Ready Set Go and Springbok Limited.

Following the event, patrons will be able to purchase pops from Rosé Society’s website, www.rosé

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