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Success is simple

The title of today’s article is actually the same title as my first book, which was originally published by Cornerstone Library a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster. It has recently been republished by The Reilly Institute and is available on, the world’s largest publisher. The direct link to my page is

Now when the book first came out many did not like the title saying that “it’s not simple to become successful in life.” Believe me I’m fully aware of that. What I meant to convey by that title is this – to understand the principles which need to be employed in order to become successful is not difficult. Of course, applying these daily, does indeed require a whole lot of hard work, dedication and indeed great discipline into the bargain. A few well-known people who actually endorsed the book “Success Is Simple,” said the following about it:

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale author of the book “The Power Of Positive Thinking” said “Congratulations on your splendid book which I have read with interest and anticipation. I’m sure it will be of practical guidance to many”. Warren Avis founder of Avis Rent-a-Car, and author of “The Art Of Sharing” said “success is simple if you follow the basic rules. I heartily recommend this book.”

What I cover in the book “Success Is Simple” are the basic rules like setting goals and having the right attitude which is of course a positive mental attitude. You also need to be very persistent, daily solve problems as they occur, and keep going until you eventually achieve all of your goals and objectives. Yes indeed, everyone has within them the ability to become an outstanding success in whatever field they chose to be in. So why not order a copy of the book “Success Is Simple” today – you’ll be glad you did.

Winston K. Pendleton author of “The Pursuit Of Happiness” said about “Success Is Simple” the book, “D. Paul Reilly’s step by step plan as outlined in his book ‘Success Is Simple’ will guide you to the fulfillment of any goal you set for yourself.” Yes, my friend, I’d like to assist you in becoming successful, across the board and you can do this by daily applying a set of simple rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines are covered in detail in my book “Success Is Simple”.

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