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Contentment is the key

I listened to an extremely interesting discussion recently on TV; the subject was the ever present plague of drug addiction in the U.S. and of course in other countries around the world. The gentleman who was the expert on the subject of how to combat this scourge of debilitating drug addiction told of an experiment done with a group of rats. They put a group of rats in an enclosure and gave them everything that rats need, great food, plenty of water and a pile of colored balls which they liked to play with, they also gave them two cartoons of water to drink, one was pure water and the other was laced with cocaine.

Now as long as the rats were contented and happy they just drank the pure water. However, when they stopped feeding the rats good food and water and took out the colored balls which they loved to play with, the rats opted to drink the water which was laced with cocaine. In other words, when they were contented and happy they had no use for drugs; however, when they were not contented, they went for the drugs instead. I thought that this was a really interesting experiment which when applied to humans was exactly the same.

When we as humans are completely contented with our life, we have no need whatsoever for drugs of any kind; however, just like the rats, when we have nothing constructive to do with our life and are thus not contented, we experience a period of time which in so many cases causes us to take something to ease the inner pain.

So My Friend, as today’s title simply and succinctly puts it, ‘Contentment Is The Key’ … Yes it is; Contentment at work, contentment with our personal relationships, contentment with our spiritual beliefs and practices, contentment with our leisure time. In a nutshell, contentment in all phases of our overall life, personal, professional, financial, social and spiritual. Once we have this, we’ll have no need to take drugs of any kind.

• Think about it!

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