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Man on probation jailed after new drug arrest

Police arrested a man on a new drug charge just weeks after he was placed on probation, a court heard yesterday.

Kevin Lightbourne, 25, of Malcolm Road, pleaded guilty to charges of possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply and drug possession at his arraignment before Acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain in connection with a drug bust on March 1.

Lightbourne’s plea came shortly after Swain placed him on probation for a year after he admitted another drug charge.

At the time, he was warned that he would be jailed for three months if he breached the conditions of his probation. Lightbourne was sentenced to six months in prison for his most recent brush with the law.

Officers armed with a search warrant searched a home off Malcolm Road that Lightbourne was visiting last Friday, ASP Clifford Daxon, the prosecutor, said.

The officers found the drugs, with a combined weight of 2.3 ounces, on a plate on the table. They also found two foil wraps containing marijuana in his pocket.

As a result of Lightbourne’s plea, Daxon withdrew the charge against four other people, including two juveniles.

Devon Morley, 21, who was arrested along with Lightbourne, pleaded guilty to possession of eight grams of marijuana that was found in the trunk of a disused car in the yard, and was placed on one year’s probation and ordered to undergo drug counseling.

Morley will be jailed for six months if he violates his probation.

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