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New chief justice has been confirmed, Davis claims

A decision has been made on a substantive chief justice appointment, confirmed opposition leader Philip Brave Davis yesterday.

“I can say that the decision has been made for the substantive chief justice, and I am advised that they would be taking office by the 1st of June,” he said.

“So, that decision I can say has been taken.”

However, Davis was not able to confirm who was chosen to fill the role. The Nassau Guardian, however, understands that the new CJ will be prominent attorney Brian Moree.

Davis told reporters, “I was consulted, but I’m not at liberty yet to disclose the name.”

The prime minister has faced significant criticism over the delay in appointing a chief justice following the death of former Chief Justice Stephen Isaacs last August. Isaacs died after serving in the position for only two weeks.

Acting Chief Justice Vera Watkins was among those who voiced criticism.

At the Opening of the Legal Year in January, she said the uncertainty of her post made it difficult to set an agenda for the year.

“The indisputable fact is that while it may be so that I am sitting in this chair at this moment, I am not certain as to whether I will be sitting in this chair later on today,” Watkins said.

She said this left her in a “tenuous position”.

In January, Davis said the lack of an appointment demonstrated that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis “doesn’t appreciate [and] he doesn’t understand what his role is as the prime minister of this country”.

Davis said, “It requires him to act and not act on his own time, but act in a manner that conventions and protocols dictate. He has to show respect for the other arms of government. By responding in that way it shows his lack of respect and his lack of appreciation for governance.”

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