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A string of abductions    

Three more children were reportedly abducted on New Providence between Wednesday and Thursday in two separate incidents, police reported.

Police said that shortly before 4 p.m. yesterday, two boys, ages 10 and eight, were walking in Kool Acres when they were picked up by a female who was the lone occupant of a dark-colored vehicle.

A short time later, police said, the 10-year-old boy was dropped back in Kool Acres and the younger boy was dropped off near the entrance of the city dump on Tonique Williams Darling Highway.

Just before 7 p.m., police reported that the eight-year-old was still in the care of officers and had no physical injuries.

Police also said the 10-year-old was unharmed.

Earlier in the day, police reported that an eight-year-old boy was taken from a park near his home on Emmanuel Drive, off Soldier Road, on Wednesday evening and later dropped off unharmed near the entrance of the city dump.

Police said that shortly before 7 p.m., the child was taken by a female who was the only occupant of a gray vehicle.

Police released this sketch of the person wanted in connection with the abduction of eight-year-old Tyvon Deveaux. RBPF

Tyvon Deveaux went missing for just under an hour, according to police, but his mother, Georgina Armbrister, 23, said that was enough to make her feel physically ill.

Armbrister said when she came outside and called for her son, she did not get an answer. She said she looked around and realized he was nowhere to be found.

“I mean I started to have a little pain in my stomach and my head started hurting,” Armbrister told reporters yesterday.

“I started having little migraine headaches.

“I started shouting, saying, ‘Tyvon, Tyvon!’

“And he (her brother) walked with me in the yard and we walked around there and we looked all about around the church yard and we didn’t see him.”

Armbrister said Tyvon’s sister had left him on the park playing with a basketball while her other three children were at after school classes.

She said she was alerted by family friends that her son had been left near the dump.

“Two fellows who know my boyfriend’s brother called him because he drives a taxi and he works in the night,” Armbrister said.

She said the men told him that they saw her son near the dump and urged that he be picked up or that the police be called.

“But the guy told us he called the police and when they called the police and everything, the police came there at the same time and the police [carried] him,” Armbrister said.

She said police took her son to the hospital where he was examined. Armbrister said officials asked him whether the woman who took him had touched him.

“He said ‘no ma’am’ because he is very intelligent,” she said.

Armbrister said police urged her to keep her children close.

But she said, “I don’t let my children go to [any] strange people.”

There have been other reported kidnappings on New Providence over the last few weeks.

The first was the alleged kidnapping of three-year-old Shavar Bain, who was taken off his bicycle outside his South Beach home on February 16, reportedly by two women in a silver car.

He was dropped off at a wash house on Farrington Road and Fox Hill Road the following morning, police said.

The second incident involved an eight-year-old girl who was taken from her Culmerville’s home on March 3 and later dropped off at the entrance of Woodlawn Gardens graveyard, police said.

Yesterday, police released a sketch of the suspect who reportedly picked up the boy on Wednesday. It shows a woman in a night cap and sunglasses.

Earlier this month, they released a sketch of the suspect in the kidnapping of the three-year-old boy, but no arrest was ever made.

Asked yesterday whether they believe any of the matters are connected, police said, “Police are investigating each case separately at this time but are looking at similarities to determine if they are connected.”

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