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CDU: Parents need to better supervise children

Following a string of reported child abductions, Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash of the Central Detective Unit (CDU) said yesterday that parents must do a better job of supervising their children.

“Parents need to [provide] better supervision,” Cash said.

“We don’t expect them to have their young kids walking about the streets as if they are adults.

“If you are going to send them out to public areas, you should have them supervised by an adult.”

Cash added, “Parents should be, and it is their sole responsibility to ensure that their kids are well-protected and have proper supervision.

“So, that is the message we want to send out there to the public and to parents.

“The police, yes we are going to do a comprehensive investigation; we are going to unravel it. We are going to look at what’s going on, but it’s more important that we prevent things like this from happening, and to prevent this, parents need to be the pivotal people to deal with that.”

In the past three weeks, there have been four reported child abductions on New Providence.

In one recent incident, an eight-year-old boy was taken from a park near his home on Emmanuel Drive, off Soldier Road, on Wednesday evening.

He was later dropped off unharmed near the entrance of the city dump on Tonique Williams Darling Highway, according to police.

According to police, the boy was taken by a woman in a silver car.

Cash said, “As police officers, we are concerned about all crimes, more particularly when you have [them] being perpetrated against young kids.

“That is a big concern to police officers.”

He added, “One or two of the incidents involving the kids were family-oriented.”

However, Cash said he does believe that this most recent incident could be related to a similar one that happened a few weeks ago.

On February 16, a three-year-old boy was taken while he was riding his bicycle in front of his family’s home.

He was dropped off the next morning at a wash house on Joe Farrington Road and Fox Hill Road.

At the time, police reported that witnesses saw the child picked up by two women in a silver car.

“I would say that the incident that happened last evening… based on the circumstances of an incident occurring some time back in the South Beach area, there may be some nexus to both those incidents,” he said.

“I say that based on the physical description, first of the suspect, a female, and also based on the description of the vehicle that was used in both incidents, so we have mounted our teams of officers to canvass those areas again, hopefully with the composite sketch that we sent out.”

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