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How to deal with nasty people

I once asked the question of my students at a seminar which I was facilitating for a large commercial organization in the Caribbean, ‘How would you respond if someone in your organization was disgusting to you?’ He immediately replied ‘I’d be disgusting to him or her. I’d give them a piece of my mind.’ What an answer! My friend, just because someone is disgusting to you, does not give you the right to be disgusting right back to that person. When one does that, sort of gives them tit-for-tat as the saying goes, we are simply descending to the disgusting, nasty person’s level. We’re saying in effect by our words and actions ‘I’m no better than you are’. Now isn’t that a rather pathetic, unprofessional, way in which to behave? Yes, indeed it surely is.

‘So, D. Paul,’ you may say, ‘what is the correct way in which to deal with such a situation?’ Well the way I’d deal with it is to completely ignore it and just continue with my work. Always remember that well-known phrase which contains so much truth, two wrongs do not make a right — no they do not. Believe me, when you totally ignore ignorance of any kind, you are the winner, and into the bargain, nothing annoys the other person more than being totally ignored by you remaining in control, by acting as an adult, in a totally professional manner.

So, my friend, that’s how to deal with nasty people by completely ignoring their nasty behavior and just getting on with your work, with a calm disposition and a smile on your face. Yes indeed, never ever resort to disgusting behavior in like manner. Instead, be a professional and remain cool and calm.

Yes, my friend, this is all about remaining in control of your emotions and thus continuing to operate in a professional, sensible, adult manner. Never, ever descend to a disgusting person’s level; instead remain cool, calm and collected whilst doing your best, at the appropriate time to elevate their behavior, to bring them up to your level. That’s the correct, adult, professional manner in which to deal with arrogance of any kind.

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