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Action needed on climate change

Dear Editor,

I am referring to your article “Deveaux: Mitigation plan against global warming necessary” from December 2, 2010.

All over the world politicians are debating about how to stop climate change. But we, the general public, should stop waiting for them to make a move and start a movement to show them that it is already too late.

If the ice on Iceland melts, sea levels will rise several meters. And The Bahamas and many other places near the coast will most likely be fully submerged underwater.

There are ways to stop this, but we have to start right now. We have already waited too long. Cooling down the Earth’s surface would provide enough time to eliminate the biggest CO2 producers in the world and replace them with more environment-friendly alternatives.

So that should be reason enough for everybody to stop it right now and make plans for the future.

– Lysander Zunker

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