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Talk is cheap

The phrase which is the title of todays’ article, which incidently I am sure I have used before ‘Talk is Cheap’ is indeed a well-known saying. It depicts a person who is forever talking about achieving great things in life but who actually appears to achieve nothing worthwhile …. Zero. They appear to be great with words; however when it comes to taking the necessary ACTION which will transform their idle words into concrete FACTS, they appear to be sadly lacking …. Yes indeed they do!

As all of my regular readers will know, in order to be successful in life, across the board, a person needs to set a series of predetermined goals and objectives for all areas of their life. But then having taken that first vital step on the Road to Success, the hard work must begin as a person takes concrete steps to make their Goals and Objectives actual reality in their life. This is where a whole lot of determination, discipline and real hard work comes in. If this is not done; well then, you’ll just be categorized as a Perpetual Dreamer who never appears to get anything worthwhile accomplished in life.

Yes indeed, it’s not easy to consistently be successful in life; however it can and indeed must be done if one wishes to have a really enjoyable, satisfying and contented life. Yes indeed, by using the wonderful God given gift of imagination, we see ourselves achieving a series of goals for all areas of our overall life Personal, Professional, Financial, Social and Spiritual; then the real work commences which will in the end transform the abstract ideas, into actual reality.

Yes My Friend there is no doubt about it, as todays title puts it ‘Talk is Cheap’ and a whole lot of people are actually, as we say, full of it. So if you have been talking and talking about what you intend to do with your life; toady is the day for you to finally take the necessary ACTION to make your dreams become reality in your life. So please My Friend, stop talking and just DO IT!


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