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Honoring a great spiritual leader

Dear Editor,

Monsignor Preston Moss’ spiritual journey from being a Catholic priest to becoming monsignor of the Catholic Church was an incredible personal achievement in Bahamas history. Monsignor Moss was vital and impactful in the spiritual development, teaching and academic excellence of the Bahamian youth for the Catholic Church. The young people he influenced have made invaluable contributions to different professions in building a better Bahamas.

Moss’ legacy has played a major role in teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church to thousands of Bahamian families and being a great spiritual leader. He led by example, the same way Jesus Christ did 2,000 years ago on earth.

I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to have Monsignor Moss as my spiritual advisor and mentor in 1995. He personally supported my dream for one Bahamas in 1995 by allowing me to share it at St. Anselm with my mother, Jennie Smith, attending. He encourage me to continue sharing this dream with the Bahamian people, and I started to share it at churches and schools. My dream was published in the newspapers The Tribune and The Nassau Guardian and on television, on the ZNS evening news. It was eventually inscribed on a plaque on the wall of Yellow Elder Primary School on October 29, 1996 — the school I first attended at five years old.

My dream for one Bahamas focused on a Bahamas where there would be no hatred, but love; a Bahamas, where there would be no dishonesty, but trust; a Bahamas where there would be no disloyalty, but sincerity; a Bahamas where there would be no injustice but fairness; a Bahamas where there would be no degrading of one another, but respect for each other; a Bahamas where there would be no difference because of our religions or political beliefs, but being united together as one people in our Bahamas.

Let us all honor the many lives and Bahamians that Monsignor Preston Moss impacted in The Bahamas and his precious contribution to the Catholic Church of The Bahamas. May God bless Monsignor Moss, great spiritual leader and a national treasure, my friend and inspiration forever. My prayers and thoughts go out to Moss’ family, the Catholic Church, Catholic worshippers and the people of The Bahamas.

— Pedro Smith

Monsignor Preston Mo
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