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The science of selling

There is a well-known saying which I am sure most of my valued readers have heard over and over again and it goes like this ‘Nothing happens until someone sells something’ …. Oh how true that is. I know a lot about selling as I have been doing it professionally all of my life. Actually with this Time to Think Series, I’m selling You ideas and methods of how to become and remain successful which I hope and pray you’ll use thereby having a wonderful, satisfying and truly successful life.

Actually the title of today’s article is also the title of the second book I wrote, the first incidently being ‘Success is Simple’ and of course here’s a gentle reminder once again, that all of my books including the ‘Science of Selling’ are available from the World’s largest publisher Amazon in both E-book and soft cover editions. I was indeed honored to have had Dr. Norman Vincent Peale write the forward to ‘The Science of Selling’. Here’s a little of what he said about the book “Well written, interesting, logical, sensible, creative …. I warmly recommend this book to all who desire self-improvement.”

You see in a way, we’re all sales people even if we don’t actually do it for a living, as we are constantly selling our self, our ability to do a good job, day after day, and we either do a good or bad job of it. Of course, those who sell professionally who do it for a living, can indeed make a whole lot of money once they do it well whilst also making a really worthwhile contribution to the world.

Yes indeed, if you want to be an excellent sales person, get a copy of my book ‘The Science of Selling’ today by logging onto my page at Incidentally Scott Meridith who was the author of the book ‘Writing to Sell’ said this on the back cover of my book “Practical information, helpful hints, written in a straightforward highly readable manner”. Yes My Friend, professional selling is a noble profession where one can make a whole lot of money.
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