Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019
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The science of selling

There is a well-known saying which I am sure most of my valued readers have heard over and over again and it goes like this ‘Nothing happens until someone sells something’ …. Oh how true that is. I know a lot about selling as I have been doing it professionally all of my life. Actually with this Time to Think Series, I’m selling You ideas and methods of how to become and remain successful which I hope and pray you’ll use thereby having a wonderful, satisfying and truly successful life.

Actually the title of today’s article is also the title of the second book I wrote, the first incidently being ‘Success is Simple’ and of course here’s a gentle reminder once again, that all of my books including the ‘Science of Selling’ are available from the World’s largest publisher Amazon in both E-book and soft cover editions. I was indeed honored to have had Dr. Norman Vincent Peale write the forward to ‘The Science of Selling’. Here’s a little of what he said about the book “Well written, interesting, logical, sensible, creative …. I warmly recommend this book to all who desire self-improvement.”

You see in a way, we’re all sales people even if we don’t actually do it for a living, as we are constantly selling our self, our ability to do a good job, day after day, and we either do a good or bad job of it. Of course, those who sell professionally who do it for a living, can indeed make a whole lot of money once they do it well whilst also making a really worthwhile contribution to the world.

Yes indeed, if you want to be an excellent sales person, get a copy of my book ‘The Science of Selling’ today by logging onto my page at www.amazon.com/author/dpaulreilly. Incidentally Scott Meridith who was the author of the book ‘Writing to Sell’ said this on the back cover of my book “Practical information, helpful hints, written in a straightforward highly readable manner”. Yes My Friend, professional selling is a noble profession where one can make a whole lot of money.
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