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Campbell urges parents to be vigilant

Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell yesterday urged parents to be vigilant with their children in the wake of a string of recent child abductions on New Providence. 

There have been six child abductions on the island in the past month, and police have yet to arrest anyone in connection with the incidents.

In several of the reported incidents, children were unattended when they were picked up.

“Violence against children is a most pervasive human rights violation and even though the ministry, through its many departments and divisions remains highly committed to addressing this issue, we cannot do it alone,” Campbell said in a statement.

“Therefore, we urge Bahamians across communities throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to be vigilant in this fight to keep our boys and girls, and indeed our citizens, free from violence.

“We admonish parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers, neighbors, family members — everyone — to play their part in ensuring that our precious children, who represent the future of our country, remain free from exposure to violence in all forms.”

Last week, Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash called for parents to do a better job of supervising their children.

“Parents need to [provide] better supervision,” Cash said.

“We don’t expect them to have their young kids walking about the streets as if they are adults.

“If you are going to send them out to public areas, you should have them supervised by an adult.”

Police said in each abduction case, the children, who ranged from ages three to 10, were dropped off unharmed.

Nobody has been taken into custody in connection with any of the reported incidents.

Campbell highlighted the role that the ministry plays in the issue.

“Guided by a strong commitment to children’s rights, which includes ensuring that a child’s right to be free from all forms of violence and abuse is adhered to, the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development, through its departments and divisions, will continue to work diligently to end all forms of violence against children, whether in the community, at school or at home,” he said.

“It is our most sincere belief that even one case of abuse or violence against our boys and girls is one case too many.”

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