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Chamber committed to partnering with stakeholders on energy sustainability

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation (BCCEC) at its Bahamas Energy Security Forum (BESF) is seeking to ensure The Bahamas has a sustainable energy platform moving forward, especially given that the country has not had the “most resourceful use of our energy system”, BCCEC Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Beckles said Tuesday.

Beckles, who was speaking at a press conference to announce the BESF, said the BCCEC has committed to partnering with various stakeholders in order to plot the way forward for energy sustainability in The Bahamas.

He said the country cannot think on the scale of a 400,000-person population, but consider also the six million people who come to The Bahamas to vacation, when it comes to energy production.

Deborah Deal, BCCEC chairperson for environmental matters, said the private sector has to take control of energy security in the country if it is to be effectual in making a change. She said given the propensity for violent hurricanes, it is even more imperative that business owners protect their investments, in turn keeping the country running after a devastating storm.

“If we in the private sector are not in control of our own energy, how is our country going to thrive, how is our country going to survive? How are businesses going to continue if we don’t take control now? And that’s what this whole forum is about, how can we take control of our own energy and in turn be able to be protected when a storm comes,” she said.

Beckles said the issue of energy is everybody’s business, as everyone living in The Bahamas has been affected by inefficient delivery of power in one way or another.

He added that the success and growth of the economy is hinged on sustainable power delivery.

“We can’t grow the economy outside the context of sustainable energy,” said Beckles.

The BESF takes place on Tuesday at SuperClubs Breezes Bahamas and “will focus on smart and more efficient ways of using energy, with an overall agenda to increase the public’s awareness on matters relative to the productive use of energy and implementation of the 2014 national energy policy”, according to a press release on the event.

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